Bet's Party Doll   "Dolly"

AMHR   DOB 08-25-01


SOLD to Mary in Wisconsin.

"Dolly is doing fine with all her new buddies"............Mary

Glad to hear that!  I hope you get many miles with Dolly.  I think she was born to drive.

PAS Montana Starlight Owen   "Montana"

AMHA/AMHR   DOB 03-12-03

SOLD to Kerry in Illinois.

"she is such a doll"............Kerry

She really is Kerry!  I wish you luck with wonderful colored foals.  Also hope to see you at a show or two!

PAS Memorable Cadence   "Cadence"


AMHA/AMHR   DOB 05-30-11

dam: PAS Montana Olwen Starlight

sire: Twin Creeks IMA Shadows Kricket

SOLD to Suzie & Amanda in Wisconsin.

"everyone loves him, the grandkids were over and fell in love with him too"............Suzie

Thanks Suzie! Cadence always loved the attention from kids.  I am sure everyone will enjoy him over the years!

PAS Mystic Rose   "Rosey"


AMHR   DOB 05-20-11

dam:  Bet's Party Doll

sire:  Lloyd's Pride Lucky




SOLD to Alex and family in Wisconsin.

"she is soooo sweet and just a joy to have"............Brenda

Thanks Alex, Brenda, and David!  I can't wait to see Rosey and Alex at the shows.

Carmello & Smokey


SOLD to Carmen in Michigan.

"well worth the drive"............Carmen

Thanks Carmen!  I am glad that these two have a great home at the Rustic Star and that Little Smokey is the star of the barn.



SOLD to Vincent & Shawnee in Wisconsin.

"what a perfect match to our other mini at home"..........Shawnee

Thanks guys!  I am happy Leroy will be joining another mini at your home and become a cart horse.



SOLD to Jolene in Wisconsin.

 "I love her so much, thanks alot"..............Jolene

Your welcome Jolene!  I am happy that you have a mini to grow up with.

Candy   (she was sold bred to Lucky)


SOLD to Cheryl in Wisconsin.                          (foal picture courtesy of Cheryl, filly within a hour of being born)

 "thanks again, shes been a blessing"...............Cheryl

Your welcome Cheryl!  I am sure you will have lots of fun with Candy and newborn Icee.  Got to love those blue eyes.

Lucy     (she was sold bred to Lucky)

SOLD to Kristie & Family in Wisconsin.             (foal picture courtesy of Kristie, filly just a couple of hours old)

"hoping to get a filly"..................Kristie

Thanks Kristie and girls!  Glad you got your filly.  I hope you have many wonderful years with Lucy and Daisy Mae.

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